We are pleased to offer a full range of services that will help you maintain the health and quality of your piano for many years.


On the first visit our goal is to tune the piano to standard pitch (A440), do any minor adjustments and/or regulation if needed. I also evaluate the condition of your piano for any repair needed. If it’s been longer than a year since the piano has been tuned it may require a pitch raise.


Reconditioning is the process of putting a piano back in good condition by cleaning, repairing, and adjusting for best performance with parts replacement only where necessary. This is most appropriate for a piano with only moderate wear or those of medium value with average performance requirements.

Reconditioning does not involve replacing major components such as the soundboard, bridges, pinblock, and most action parts. This means the performance and life-span of an older piano will not be restored to new. Instead, reconditioning is designed to improve a piano's performance, keeping in mind both costs and benefits.

Reconditioning may include:

  • Thorough cleaning

  • Repair or replacement of damaged parts as needed, typically including such jobs as felt replacement, hammer filing or replacement, and partial restringing

  • Adjustment, regulation, tuning, and voicing to return all parts to proper function, reduce mechanical noise, and improve tone


Complete rebuilding includes the entire pianos structure -- including soundboard, bridges, pinblock, and strings -- as well as the action, keyboard, and case refinishing. Partial rebuilding includes only one or two of these areas, for example rebuilding of the action and structure, but not case refinishing.

 Rebuilding restores the piano to original condition or better. Such comprehensive work is usually most practical for high-quality instruments here maximum performance and longevity are required.

Complete rebuilding typically includes:

  • Complete disassembly of the instrument.
  • Repair or replacement of soundboard, bridges, and pinblock, as well as repair of any structural damage to the case.
  • Replacement of all strings and tuning pins.
  • Thorough restoration of action and damper system, including replacement of hammers, many action parts, springs, and most felt.
  • Rebuilding of the pedal and trapwork system, including replacement of all worn felt, leather, and metal parts.
  • Refinishing of case and plate, polishing or replating of all hardware, and replacement of all decals, felt trims, and rubber buttons.
  • Complete action regulation, tuning, and voicing.
  • Multiple tunings to stabilize new strings


Every piano has its own unique sound. One might be described as 'glassy,' another as 'warm'. One might have a 'full singing' tone, and yet another sounds 'thin.' Although the original design establishes the basic character of your piano's tone, your technician can modify it to better suit your taste or restore its original tone if it has deteriorated with age. The process of modifying a piano's tone is called voicing.

For more about piano voicing, Click here for an article at the PTG bulletin.


A written appraisal includes a complete evaluation of both the musical workings of the instrument as well as the condition of the case. An estimate for any needed repairs is given in writing as well as Whole Sale Value, Fair Market Value, Retail Value, and Replacement Cost.

Estimates for Repairs

An estimate for repairs includes a complete evaluation of both the musical working of the instrument as well as the condition of the case. An estimate for repairs is given in writing, often with several cost options. A written appraisal of value both before and after repairs is provided as well. The fee is credited towards the cost of repairs.

Climate Control

We also install climate control systems which, when properly installed, are proven to greatly enhance tuning stability and can prevent costly repairs caused by large changes in humidity.  

Learn more about Humidity Control

Learn more about the Piano Life Saver System form Dampp-Chaser

PianoDisc Player Piano Systems

I am a certified installer and service tech for the PianoDisc Player Piano System, which can be installed in any piano. You now can enjoy having your piano played by some of the best pianists in the world, with over 4000 songs. Many other features can be added to your piano. Visit to learn more about the most advanced player system available.

String Covers

Series A/B

Color options

String covers -- color options

Stitch patterns

String covers -- stitch pattern options

String covers -- stitch pattern options

Series D

Color options

Stitch patterns

Top 3 rows: Greek Key
Bottom 3 rows: Feather Stitch

Historical Pianos & Harpsichords

I’m one of the few — if not the only — technician in the Bay Area that will tune, repair, recondition and rebuild Historical pianos from the early 1800’s such as:

  • Birdcage uprights
  • Square Grands
  • Viennese Grands

I also work with harpsichords as well.


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