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Once you’ve made an appointment you are given an hour window for the tuner to arrive. We understand that emergencies occur. Please give us the courtesy of providing 24 hours' notice if you need to cancel or re-schedule your appointment.


We appreciate receiving payment at the time of service, by cash or check.


We offer several discounts;

  • For referring someone who becomes our customer

  • Senior discount (65 or older) by request

  • If you have your piano tuned within 6 months by us

  • For each additional piano tuned at the same address and at the same appointment

Quiet Please

To achieve the best possible tuning for your piano, you should provide a quiet environment for the tuner to work in. Every noise or sound within hearing distance of the tuner may compromise the quality of your tuning. There are some sounds within the household that can impede the tuner's hearing. Here are just a few:

  • Loud voices, children or pets

  • Dishes clanging and running water

  • TV, radio, clocks

  • Vacuum cleaner or lawn mower

With your help the tuner will be able to achieve the best possible tuning for your piano.

Be Ready

  • Mark your calendar

  • Be there -- this time is set aside for you

  • Cancel, if necessary, 24 hours ahead to avoid charges

  • Be prepared to pay by cash or check

  • Remove all articles from the piano


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